The Working Woman -- Christmas Gifts for Her

Find the perfect Christmas gifts for her with these ideas


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Racking your brain for Christmas gifts for her? You don’t want just the regular run-of-the-mill gift. You want something that she will really appreciate and love -- something that shows her how special she is and that you appreciate her. Here are some ideas that will get you started.


Gifts to Relax

What working woman couldn't use a gift or two that will help her relax? Let me answer that for you -- there isn’t one. Any working woman would love these ideas:

Certificate for a day spa
Certificate for a pedicure, manicure or both!
Certificate for a massage
Manicure/pedicure set for home
Collection of scented bubble baths and soaps
New lingerie

Gifts to Help

Think about the everyday jobs that the women in your life does in addition to her paid job. See what ideas you can get. How about tickets to have her car washed several times or detailed? Any woman would love to have help with the household cleaning. Give her cleaning service for one to several months.

Gifts for Fun

Everybody has to have some down time. Think about what her hobby is or a hobby she has wanted to learn. Buy the supplies she needs for that hobby. If you're not familiar with the hobby, you can go to any hobby or craft store, enlist the help of an employee, and they can give you ideas for any craft in the store.

Choose a craft that you know she enjoys or if you’ve listened carefully throughout the year, you may recall a hobby she mentioned she would like to start.

If the special woman in your life likes to get away from it all, give her a weekend trip for the two of you to a romantic location. If she likes live entertainment, take her to a special opening, the theater, or a concert.

Once you take some time to start thinking, one idea leads to another. Use these suggestions to start with and you will find it isn’t difficult to come up with special gifts for her and show her she's appreciated.

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