Pitch Perfect Christmas Gifts for Musicians

Looking for the perfect gift for the musician in your life? Check out our list of Christmas gifts for musicians


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Christmas gifts for musicians can be a challenge if you don't happen to be a musician yourself. Don't let this intimidate you though. Before you chicken out and go the easy gift card route, use these ideas to help you pick out the perfect gift for your musician.


Christmas Gifts for Musicians

Give your musician something to dream about -- with a subscription to TapeOp Magazine, they can do just that. Filled with excessively expensive music gear, this magazine will make any musician drool.

Let your musician try something different with a Lap Steel. This instrument is fun and easy to play. Any musician at heart will love it.

How about some artwork to inspire them in their music room? A print by James Joyce from his music gear paintings collection will be just the ticket. For more handcrafted items and artwork, try Etsy. There are plenty of great ideas for music geeks. Simply search etsy.com using words like snyth, Moog, boom box, cassette, and guitars.

Maybe your musician is crafty and would like to try his hand at building his own guitar. He can give it a try with a Harley Benton E-Guitar Kit. You get a solid untreated wood body and all the accessories and gadgets you need to build one complete, totally cool guitar.

Does your musician have a little bit of DJ in him? If so, he'll love the Korg Mini Kaoss Pad. With this little touch pad, he can do cool DJ effects for some electronic fun.

Regardless of what instrument your musician plays, they always need to tune-up. There are a wide variety of tuners from jaw hark to digital tuners with infrared signals. This gift is always appreciated by any musician.

Don't forget stocking stuffers! Simply concentrate on their particular instrument and brainstorm ideas that fit into stockings. Think guitar picks, strings, straps, music, stands, drum sticks, brushes, and cables.

Another popular item for musicians is apparel. You can easily find t-shirts and hoodies that relates to their favorite instrument, artist, or band.

Review these suggestions and get ideas for your favorite musician. Any of these Christmas gifts for musicians is sure to please and put a bright note in their Christmas morning.

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