Find the Best Christmas Gifts for Tweens

Take the mystery out of shopping for Christmas gifts for tweens


Sunday, February 17, 2019

For many parents, buying Christmas gifts for tweens is a challenge. They're not teenagers (although many of them think they are!), but they aren't children, either. Some of the things they want may be inappropriate (try convincing a twelve year old he doesn't need a new car), but the things you used to get them may not appeal to them any longer.

So what's a parent, grandparent, or older sibling to do? You want to get them gifts they'll enjoy, that are appropriate, and that won't require a second mortgage. It can be a mystery… unless you have a handy guide to take you through it.


The best Christmas gifts for tweens

Tween girls are trying as hard as they can to grow up fast. They tend to want gifts like makeup, cell phones, and inappropriate clothing. Some parents don't mind giving their tweens a makeup set, but others cringe at the thought. Fortunately there are many other fun and interesting gifts to consider.

1. Craft items

Tween girls tend to be quite crafty. They especially enjoy practical crafts. Kits that allow them to make things like jewellery, chocolates, or bath salts will be a big hit. Boys enjoy items like model cars and train sets.

2. The latest teen novel craze

Most of the teen novels out there are appropriate for tweens (although there are a few that aren't, so you may want to check with the librarian or sales clerk first). Books like Twilight and The Hunger Games are a major hit with the teen and tween crowds alike -- Twilight for the girls and The Hunger Games for either!

3. Electronic gadgets

Boys and girls alike are into gadgets. An iPad, an Xbox, or a cell phone will send them into heaven. If you don't like the idea of your kid having a cell phone, specify that it's for emergency use only and set it up so it only calls you. They can't spend hours chatting, but they get the fun and prestige of having the phone and its accessories.

4. Jewellery

Girls and boys alike enjoy jewellery. Young girls tend to like costume jewellery: brightly colored and beaded bracelets, necklaces, and hair pieces. Boys enjoy a more subtle type -- things like sports pendants or symbols on black cord, for example. Both genders will appreciate a piece of expensive, classy jewellery. Simply check your local stores to find something appropriate.

5. Music

Music starts to be very important to kids at the tween stage. While CDs may be on the way out, you can still buy your tween an iPod stocked with songs, or an iTunes gift card. Depending on the individual, they may also enjoy musical instruments such as guitars, which are fairly inexpensive and relatively easy to learn.

As you can see, shopping for tweens isn't as difficult as it first seems, even if you're concerned about buying appropriate gifts. Stick to this list and you'll find Christmas gifts for tweens of any personality.

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