Fun and Funny Christmas Gifts for Rednecks

Christmas gifts for rednecks strong and proud!


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Y'all lookin' for Christmas gifts for rednecks? You're not alone: there are plenty of Americans out there who will willingly stand up and shout out their redneck pride. Many so-called rednecks are aware of the stereotypes and enjoy playing with them. They thrill to anything traditionally redneck. You can use that to find them perfect gifts.


Store bought Christmas gifts for rednecks

If you want to hit the shops, the very best Christmas gifts for rednecks come from the great Mr. Jeff Foxworthy. In fact, if you want a list of great redneck gifts, you absolutely must listen to his Twelve Redneck Days of Christmas, where he suggests buying your wife earrings that double as fishing hooks. Jeff Foxworthy is a very popular comedian, and it's very easy to find all sorts of gift items, from CDs to calendars to mousepads, featuring his humor. If you want some quick and easy Christmas gifts for rednecks, this is definitely the way to go. If they aren't fans yet, they will be soon.

Homemade gift baskets for rednecks

Of course, nothing says redneck like a homemade basket of good old fashioned gifts -- each one perfectly suited to the redneck stereotype. You can come up with some fantastic crafts and ideas on your own, but here are some to guide you. First of all, deal with the container. If you go with a traditional basket, rough it up a bit. Or a lot. Take it outside and step on it a few times. Make it look like someone's been using it to collect eggs on the farm for the past decade or so. Line the basket with a checkered dish towel and stuff it with redneck gifts. Some ideas include: -Redneck wine glasses: mason jars glued onto candle holders -Redneck earrings: Car air fresheners with hooks attached -Redneck toothpicks: a bag full of nails -Redneck shampoo and body wash: a miniature bottle of dish detergent -Redneck flashlight: A box of matches And of course, to make it an actual wonderful gift and not just a joke, you want to tuck in something fun and on theme but actually useful! The Jeff Foxworthy items we talked about before are a nice option, but you can also include homemade things to keep with the theme: jams, hot chocolate mixes, or even gingerbread men -- with a red stripe of icing over their necks, of course. Redneck gifts are a lot of fun to buy and make -- local craft sales may have other ideas, or even redneck craft gifts of their own. Whatever you do, you'll be sure to get a good laugh on Christmas morning when you give perfect Christmas gifts for Rednecks.
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