Your Guide to Christmas Gifts for Realtors

Here are fun and easy Christmas gifts for realtors


Sunday, February 17, 2019

I have a confession: I love buying Christmas gifts for realtors. I know that sounds kind of silly, but it's true. I have a lot of realtor friends, and over the years I've started taking pride in how I can find perfect gifts for any of them. Realtors are people too, of course, and they appreciate many of the same gifts you would: movie and restaurant gift cards, handmade or baked items, and things that cater to their personal interests. However, there are also some great gifts specifically made for realtors -- and a few you should avoid at all costs.


Finding perfect Christmas gifts for realtors

First of all, let's get the black list out of the way. There are a few things that no realtor needs. I know, I know: you bought it for your realtor last year, and he raved about it. I hate to tell you this, but he was being polite. LOL! He probably got fifteen of the same gift and said the same thing.

What kind of stuff am I talking about? Things like...

-Pens. Realtors have lots of pens. They lose them a lot, too. The fancy pen you gave them will never leave the office for exactly that reason. -Mugs. One person can only use so many. -Anything that says 'world's best realtor' or the like Those are the three biggest no-nos. So what should you buy your favorite realtor? Here are some better suggestions! 1. Dead Fred pen holder Give them a humorous way to store all those pens they get from everyone else! Dead Fred lies there like a lump stabbed with a pen. He's a touch morbid, but he's good for a laugh (as long as you know your realtor's sense of humor!). 2. Realtor Watch This is a very nice looking timepiece with a lot of cool realtor-related imagery scattered over it. It makes nice Christmas gifts for realtors who don't want to shout their profession from the rooftops, but take pride in their work and enjoy showing it. 3. Heated Gloves Just because it's freezing cold doesn't mean realtors don't have to start their cars and drive around to various properties, many of which will have the heat turned far down to avoid bills while no one lives there. A pair of heated gloves will help them stay toasty warm through the winter. 4. House Sold Cufflinks This is another nice gift: a quality pair of cufflinks with a bit of whimsy (one features a house, the other the word SOLD). If you're artistic, you could also transform these into a pair of earrings for female realtors. And there you have it: perfect Christmas gifts for realtors to carry you through the holiday season.
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