Christmas Gifts for Principals

5 practical Christmas gifts for principals


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Christmas gifts for principals are a topic Nifty Nicky gets lots of questions about. Christmas gifts for principals can be supplements for their profession, or things that are more in line with their other interests.

Nifty Nicky's suggestions for Christmas gifts for principals...


Just like with teachers, Christmas gifts for principals may be from students, or from the principal's friends and family, so the gift suggestions fall into two different categories. If a student is giving Christmas gifts for principals, they should be thoughtful but inexpensive gifts. Practical gifts are always best!

Some practical Christmas gifts for principals are:

1. Pen and pencil sets

Pen and pencil sets are nice Christmas gifts for principals. Some of them can even be engraved with the principal's name or initials.

2. Ties or tie tacks

Most, but not all principals wear suits and ties. Some may dress casual at school on a day to day basis, but if they go to district or state meetings, they may dress up a bit more. Ties and tie tacks are practical Christmas gifts for principals.

3. Snack baskets

Snack baskets are usually not very expensive and most florists make nice snack baskets. If you order snack baskets as Christmas gifts for principals, be sure to let the order taker know that the Christmas gift is for a principal. They may have something they can add to the basket décor that would be geared to the field of education.

Did you know? Principals are the leaders of a school and have many administrative duties in addition to being the school disciplinarian.

4. Hand-made gifts

A hand-made Christmas gift for principals is very special regardless of what it is. Kids love to make things like Christmas ornaments, watercolor paintings and homemade Christmas cards. All of these are nice and thoughtful Christmas gifts for principals.

5. Christmas cookies

Any principal is sure to appreciate a plate or tin filled with homemade Christmas cookies. Baked goods are excellent Christmas gifts for principals.

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