Christmas Gifts for Pilots

Sensible Christmas gifts for pilots on the go


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Christmas gifts for pilots can range from practical to collectibles. It's always fun to shop for Christmas gifts for pilots.

Nifty Nicky's sensible ideas for Christmas gifts for pilots...


Unless they mostly do day-runs, pilots are away from home quite a bit. So it makes perfect sense to buy Christmas gifts for pilots on the go.

Pilots spend quite a bit of time sitting around waiting for maintenance checks on their planes to be completed and waiting for passengers to get boarded. So, things that keep them occupied during those waiting times are generally good Christmas gifts for pilots.

Books are great Christmas gifts for pilots who like to read. They may like general novels, history books or interesting books about aviation.

Puzzle books are sometimes good Christmas gifts for pilots too. If they like to draw, drawing pads, pencils and maybe even a nice set of charcoals or pastels could be good Christmas gifts for pilots.

Pilots, more likely than not, have an interest in planes and how they have evolved over the years. There are a number of model planes that pilots might find interesting, or they may be interested in airplane collectibles that are replicas of different types of planes. These are really good Christmas gifts for pilots who collect model airplanes.

8 The first powered airplane was built by the Wright Brothers in 1903. They made many different models of airplanes throughout the years.

Because most pilots travel a lot, luggage, gear bags or duffle bags are practical Christmas gifts for pilots. They may also have some time off when they are in various locations which affords them the opportunity to check out the area and to do some tourist type explorations.

A good camera is essential for travelers to share their experiences and adventures with their family and friends. So, cameras and photography supplies can be fabulous Christmas gifts for pilots.

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