Say Cheese to Christmas Gifts for Photographers

Finding the perfect Christmas gifts for photographers doesn't have to be hard!


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Buying Christmas gifts for photographers can mean many things. Maybe you're shopping for a pro, or maybe it's your cousin who just loves to take pictures. Either way, if you're not a big photographer yourself, it can be hard to make gift choices (as my husband says, they already have a camera, so…). The reason this type of gift seems complicated is because photographers do require very specific equipment, and most of them are picky about the brands and styles they want. If you can get them to make you a list, that's perfect. If not, though, you can still find great Christmas gifts for photographers -- all you have to do is keep reading.


The best Christmas gifts for photographers

One of the best possible places to buy Christmas gifts for photographers is Photo Jojo. What's great about this site is that they carry tons of gifts that will appeal to both amateur and professional photographers but that they probably haven't purchased for themselves. Instead of buying pricey lighting equipment, for example, they have lots of iPhone camera accessories -- because even the most dedicated photographer gets caught without a camera now and then. Below you'll find my very favorite gifts from Photo Jojo, perfect for any photographer this Christmas. 1. Capture Camera Clip One of the biggest annoyances about carrying large cameras is, well, carrying them. This clip lets you attach the camera easily to a belt or bag strap so it's accessible but not heavy and burdensome. 2. iPhone telephoto lens Ever wished your iPhone had a zoom function? With this inexpensive add-on, you get an 8X optical zoom for added functionality and practicality. It's small, portable, and kind of silly looking: the perfect present. 3. Photo Fabric Dye Ever wanted to print a photograph on fabric? With photo fabric dye and the aid of the sun, you can create fantastic looking works of art with nothing but a photo negative (or any other object). Perfect for anyone who loves creating with pictures. 4. The Any Bag Camera Insert This is handy for photographers who don't like carrying a specific camera bag: it converts any old purse, briefcase, etc. to a safe place to carry a camera (without worrying about scratching the lens with old keys, etc.). 5. DSLR bank The obligatory non-camera item is in fact a camera... of a sort. It's a very detailed 'piggy bank' modelled after a DSLR camera. They look very real and make great Christmas gifts for photographers -- or children who long to be photographers but aren't ready for their very own DSLR camera. These five gifts make perfect Christmas gifts for photographers of any skill level and age.
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