Christmas Gifts for Nurses

6 thoughtful Christmas gifts for nurses


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Christmas gifts for nurses should be upbeat and supportive. Inspirational Christmas gifts are great and things that promote relaxation and stress relief are wonderful Christmas gifts for nurses as well.

Nifty Nicky's thoughtful Christmas gifts for nurses...


Christmas gift ideas for nurses are one of Nicky's favorite topics. Here are some fabulous Christmas gift ideas nurses will really like...

1. Christmas scrubs

Nurses often wear scrubs to work. Working with people who are ill during the holidays can be very depressing. Nobody likes to be sick, but being sick during the holidays is even worse.

Thus, nurses need to be upbeat with holiday cheer they can share with their patients. Wearing Christmas scrubs helps to set a cheerful holiday atmosphere that can make patients feel a little better about their situation.

2. Interesting pins

Lapel pins that are interesting and can be attached to a nurse's uniform can be thought provoking and can even start conversations with patients to get their minds off their ailments even if for just a short while. Bright, unusual or interesting lapel pins are thoughtful Christmas gifts for nurses.

3. Angels

Nurses are often called angels because they do so much to help people. There are a number of collectible angel figurines, paintings and such that depict nurses as angels. These can be nice, collectible Christmas gifts for nurses.

4. Tote bags

Tote bags for nurses are wonderful Christmas gifts for nurses as they often need a tote bag to carry a change of clothes, basic nursing supplies like their stethoscope and blood pressure cuffs, or even patient records if they are homecare nurses.

Did you know? There is one week each year, usually in May, which is called National Nurses' Week. It is a week set aside for acknowledging nurses for their vast contributions to society.

5. Inspirational books

There are many inspirational books for nurses, "Hugs for Nurses" is one example. Books such as these are very good Christmas gifts for nurses as they contain inspiring and uplifting stories that nurses can relate to.

6. Gift certificates

When you are at a loss in regard to Christmas gifts for nurses, a gift certificate is always a viable option. Gift certificates to book stores, medical supply stores or medical uniform shops are excellent Christmas gifts for nurses.

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