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5 thought provoking Christmas gifts for gardeners


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Christmas gifts for gardeners are fun to shop for. There are just so many possibilities for out there!

Nifty Nicky's thought provoking ideas for Christmas gifts for gardeners...


Nifty Nicky piddles in gardens, flower gardens and veggie gardens, and has some really great Christmas gift ideas for gardeners. Let's think about what you need to grow a garden...

You need prepared soil, tools to prepare the soil, plants or seeds, water, fertilizer or plant food, water, sunlight, and tools for maintaining the garden. There are also some options such as container gardening and greenhouse gardening that enables gardeners to grow things year round, even out of season. So, all items that help with these things are great Christmas gifts for gardeners.

Here are some wonderful ideas for Christmas gifts gardeners will love to fit any Christmas gift budget...

1. A rototiller

A rototiller is used to break up the ground and prepare the soil for planting. It would be on the high-end of a shopping budget because it is a large piece of equipment (similar to a lawn mower). They come in electric or gas models and a good tiller costs anywhere from $300 to $1,000. Tillers are outstanding Christmas gifts for gardeners.

2. Hand-tools for gardening

There are some basic tools that are perfect Christmas gifts for gardeners. You can even arrange the small tools in a gardening container or a watering can making it into a nice Christmas gift basket for gardeners. Some of the essential tools include a spading fork, a hoe, a watering can, a shovel, a bow rake and a pair of gardening sheers. Gardening gloves are also a nice thing to have.

3. Plants and/or seeds

Seeds are a good Christmas gifts for gardeners because they can be kept until it is planting time. Plants are a little more difficult to find around Christmas time, unless of course you get seasonal plants like poinsettias.

4. Gift certificates to nurseries or distributors of plants and trees

Since it isn't real logical to buy plants as Christmas gifts for gardeners, a gift certificate to a nursery or plant distributor is a good idea for Christmas gifts gardeners will appreciate. They can use them when planting season comes around.

5. Containers and greenhouses

Containers and greenhouses are wonderful Christmas gifts for gardeners because they enable gardeners to enjoy their hobby year round. There are a number of online resources where you can order containers for container gardening and greenhouses.

Believe it or not, ready-to-assemble greenhouse kits (depending on their size) range anywhere from $35 to $300 so greenhouses are pretty reasonable Christmas gifts for gardeners.

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