Christmas Gifts for Florists

5 fun Christmas gifts for florists


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Christmas gifts for florists can be a lot of fun. Florists spend the majority of their time creating wonderful floral arrangements for others to give as gifts and they just love to get special Christmas gifts for florists.

Nifty Nicky's best ideas for Christmas gifts for florists...


1. A beautiful floral arrangement or Christmas centerpiece

People who are close enough to give a Christmas gift to a florist likely buy their flower arrangements and other gifts from that florist. Rarely, if ever, do florists receive flower arrangements as gifts. Everyone likes to get flowers from time to time so it can be quite a surprise to send a nice floral arrangement or Christmas centerpiece as Christmas gifts for florists.

2. Books about flower arranging

Books about flower arranging are great Christmas gifts for florists because they will give them some new ideas for spectacular arrangements their customers are sure to love.

3. Website development

Now, website development may sound like an odd Christmas gift idea for florists, but if a florist doesn't have a website, and isn't opposed to receiving online orders, having an ecommerce website with a shopping basket or a simple static website developed for the flower shop can be marvelous Christmas gifts for florists.

4. Flowering bushes

You can bet that people who become florists have a love for beauty and flowers. Flowering bushes for the flower garden are great Christmas gifts for florists. There are some bushes that can be planted around the holidays and some have to be planted in the spring. Even so, many can be kept in a pot in the house until it is planting season.

Fun Fact: Poinsettias, the "Christmas" flower, are native plants in Mexico.

5. Used vases and flower pots

If you shop garage sales, you will often find used vases and flower pots for sale for pennies (dimes or quarters). Florists certainly have a use for vases and flower pots, even if they are used, if they are in good shape. If you collect such containers year round on your yard sale ventures, you can give a large box filled with vases and flower pots as Christmas gifts for florists and they will be so happy to have them!

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