Christmas Gifts for Fitness Trainers

Nice Christmas gifts for fitness trainers (even the slave drivers)


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Christmas gifts for fitness trainers are a great way to express your appreciation for the difference they make in your life. Christmas gifts for fitness trainers can be fitness related, training related, or something totally irrelevant.

Nifty Nicky's got wonderful ideas for Christmas gifts for fitness trainers...


My fitness trainer is a slave driver and I love him for it! He really keeps me in line and keeps me in shape.

So, when the holidays roll around, I always look for really special Christmas gifts fitness trainers might like. Christmas gift ideas for fitness trainers like mine are kind of difficult because it seems he has most everything he could possibly need.

One year I got him a case of vitamins that I know he takes daily. He thought those were great Christmas gifts for fitness trainers.

The next year I got a subscription to a fitness magazine that has lots of fitness news and fitness product reviews. Good magazine subscriptions are Christmas gifts for fitness trainers that are really appreciated.

As I got to know my fitness trainer better I learned a lot about him and his interests. One of his dreams was to go to a kick boxing tournament. He wasn't a kick boxer, he wanted to go watch a tournament. There happened to one coming up in our area right after Christmas, so I thought tickets to the tournament would be good Christmas gifts for fitness trainers. I was right! He took a fellow trainer with him to the tournament and they still talk about what a great experience it was.

Fun Fact: Regular participation in a fitness program gives you loads of energy; makes you feel better physically, mentally and emotionally; makes you better able to handle stress; less susceptible to illness; and quicker to heal from injuries.

Fitness trainers are important people and certainly deserve a spot on your Christmas list!

If you need Christmas gifts for fitness trainers that are rather inexpensive, you may consider gift certificates to nutrition stores or sports shops. Everyone can use gift certificates and they make really good Christmas gifts for fitness trainers.

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