Fun and Fantastic Christmas Gifts for Craft Lovers

Easy suggestions for Christmas gifts for craft lovers


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Christmas gifts for crafts lovers are pretty easy to find because most who like to do crafts like craft items made by other people too. Christmas gifts for crafts lovers may also include craft books or craft supplies - especially consumable supplies as they can get expensive! If you're not familiar with crafts, you might think it's hard to find Christmas gifts for craft lovers. Don't panic. It's actually surprisingly easy to come up with gifts they'll love, especially when you have me to help.


Nifty Nicky's suggestions for Christmas gifts for crafts lovers...

Check out these fun gifts for the crafty people on your list! 1. Arts and Crafts Shows Stuff If you need Christmas gifts for crafts lovers, go to some arts and crafts shows. You'll see such a variety of all types of craft items that make great Christmas gifts. Don't be offended if the receiver of the gift takes it apart to see how it was made. Crafty people are like that sometimes! They may even give you similar Christmas gifts the next year if they discover the "secret" of how to make the cool Christmas craft. 2. Magazine Subscriptions or Art books Subscriptions to craft magazines are wonderful Christmas gifts for crafts lovers and they are usually filled with Christmas gift ideas crafts lovers can make. Many even have some nifty coupons for craft supplies published by new craft suppliers who are trying to build a customer base. You can also buy wonderful craft books. If you go this route, just make sure you don't buy something they already own (or keep the receipt!). Also, double check which crafts they enjoy most. Just because someone likes painting and sewing doesn't mean they enjoy knitting, for example. 3. Craft Store Gift Cards Gift cards from craft stores like Michael's and Hobby Lobby are fabulous Christmas gifts for crafts lovers. Craft supplies are incredibly expensive, and most craft lovers gnash their teeth at the thought of what they'll end up spending on their beloved hobby. These gift cards can make a big difference in their budget! 4. Handmade and Fair Trade Items from Around the World Crafters tend to love the idea of handmade stuff. Without making too much of a generalization, they also tend to be people who enjoy helping others and love the idea of crafting as a way of life. For that reason, you can buy them beautiful handmade jewellery or other gifts from fair trade stores. That way they know their clothing, jewellery or d├ęcor are awesome crafted items that support someone's way of life. These four simple ideas will give you tons of mileage in the crafting world. Keep these in mind as you search for Christmas gifts for craft lovers and you're sure to see smiles on Christmas morning.
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