Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

Inexpensive holiday gifts for coworkers


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Buying Christmas gifts for coworkers can be pricey -- and political. Sometimes it seems like you need to buy for everyone or no one, and with good reason: the last thing you need to do is offend someone you have to work with every single day.

Here's a good rule to follow. If you're close friends with a coworker and want to get them something extravagant, do so outside of work. Otherwise, it's perfectly okay to get small gifts for a group of coworkers -- those who sit around you, work particularly closely with you, or the like -- but don't single out just those people you get along with best. At work, it really is an all or none type of thing.

Which brings us to the price tag. Fortunately, you can easily find fantastic gift ideas for coworkers under $10 each. If you can handle that, check out these suggestions.


Inexpensive gifts for coworkers

1. Aromatherapy USB device, $9.99

Give the gift of aromatherapy with this inexpensive but highly efficient diffuser. Your coworkers can use any type of aromatic oils they like to fill their office or cubicle with warm pleasant scents. Alternatively, supplement your gifts with pure essential oils -- they're pricey, but they're well known for having amazing effects on your health and mood.

2. Beach in a Box, $9.99

The perfect holiday gifts for coworkers: their very own beach! Transport them to a magical, non-work environment with their own box of sand to rake and arrange as they see fit, complete with accessories like a beach chair and umbrella. This is the perfect gift for those moments when you just need a few minutes' break.

3. Walking Robot Pencil Sharpener, $6.95

This is just fun! If you need Christmas gifts for coworkers that serve a useful purpose, they'll love being able to sharpen their pencils and have an excuse to play with a cute windup robot at the same time. Sharpening your pencil winds up the robot to walk, but you can wind him up when you're just plain bored, too.

4. Origami Sticky Notes, $3.99

Have fun with these gift ideas for coworkers: origami sticky notes. No more boring notes passed around the office when each little square comes with instructions for folding a beautiful shape. Turn those boring workday reminders into works of art you can enjoy for years to come.

5. Affirmation Ball, $6.99

Have coworkers who need a reminder that they're special? The affirmation ball works like a magic 8 ball, giving reminders that people like you and you have minty clean breath. Who wouldn't want a big happy face with positive messages sitting on their desktop?

Don't be afraid of buying Christmas gifts for coworkers -- with this handy guide, you'll have a pile of inexpensive, fun gift.

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