Christmas Gifts for Counselors

Thoughtful Christmas gifts for counselors


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Many people feel the need to buy Christmas gifts for their counselors. Christmas gifts for counselors should be thoughtful, but inexpensive.

Nifty Nicky's suggestions about Christmas gifts for counselors...


Professional counselors, in most states, have some restrictions based on codes of ethics, about accepting gifts from patients. For that reason, if you are buying Christmas gifts for counselors, they should be thoughtful, but inexpensive.

Counselors schedule appointments, so they can undoubtedly use calendars, desk sets and day planners. These are nice, useful and inexpensive Christmas gifts for counselors and you can find things like these at any office supply store or even at variety stores.

Snack baskets, either home-made or purchased from a local florist, are nice Christmas gifts for counselors. You can have the Christmas snack baskets delivered to the counselors office with a nice card attached that expresses your appreciation for their services and friendship.

Potted plants, like poinsettias or peace lilies, or a miniature Christmas tree or Christmas center piece for a dining room table are very nice Christmas gifts for counselors.

Many people who work in offices burn candles in their office, and if not, they may use them at home. Thus candles are inexpensive, useful Christmas gifts counselors can use and are sure to appreciate.

Did you know? Candles have been used throughout history to give light long before they became novelties as scented room fresheners and decorations. Archaeology suggests that even the ancient Egyptians used candle-like gadgets although the Romans are credited for developing candles with wicks like we use today.

If you are buying Christmas gifts for counselors who are not your counselor (you are not their patient), there is no need to be concerned about the price of the Christmas gift.

You may opt to get some of the Christmas gifts suggested above, or something more extravagant. Perhaps a rug or artwork their office, a more comfortable and functional desk chair than the one they have, or something they can use in their recreational activities.

Gift certificates for massages are wonderful Christmas gifts for counselors as a massage can sure take the edge off a rough day at work.

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