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Christmas gifts for Christians - men, women and children


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Christmas gifts for Christians don't have to be too different from those you would give anyone else, as long as they are in good taste. However, if you want inspirational or biblical-based Christmas gifts for Christians, these tips are for you!

Nifty Nicky's exceptional ideas for Christmas gifts for Christians...


Daily devotionals that are age or gender appropriate are wonderful Christmas gifts for Christians. For instance, a devotional Bible or even a devotional calendar that has a "verse of the day". These can be very inspiring and devout Christians certainly make good use of them.

Devotionals are available in different forms. For instance, if your browse through the Christian section of a bookstore, you'll find adventure devotionals for children - boys and girls, devotional Bibles for teachers, for men, for women, for mothers, for fathers, for teens, and so forth. So, devotional Bibles are good Christmas gifts for Christians of all ages.

A Family Bible for a family who doesn't have one, or for newly weds, is a very nice Christmas gift for Christian families. They usually have a genealogy section in them to record the family tree and facts about the family like dates of baptisms. Some even have a place for photos, so they are great Christmas gifts Christians just love.

Families with small children would benefit greatly from a set of books called "The Bible Story". There are many spin offs to this, but the original series was authored by Arthur S. Maxwell. It is a ten volume set published by Pacific Press Publishing Association and the set makes fabulous Christmas gifts for Christians as it is certainly a collectible heirloom.

These are biblically correct books that are written in story form which make great bedtime stories for little ones. Sometimes you can find full sets of "The Bible Story" on eBay. They were at one time sold through a subscription where you got a book a month until you got the whole set. Subscriptions for this set, or for similar publications are great Christmas gifts for Christians.

Audio versions of the Bible, in either cassette or CD form, are also nice Christmas gifts for Christians. Learning the Word is a lot easier when you can actually listen to it while doing other things, like driving or walking.

There are different versions of the Bible. For instance, there is the King James Version, the New International Version and a few others. When buying Bibles or biblical based books as Christmas gifts for Christians, it is a good idea to find out which version of the Bible they prefer.

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