Christmas Gifts for Basketball Fans

Christmas gifts for basketball fans and their children


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Christmas gifts for basketball fans are pretty easy to find. The children of basketball fans usually develop an interest in basketball too, so they should be included in thoughts about Christmas gifts for basketball fans.

Nifty Nicky's suggestions for Christmas gifts for basketball fans...


Most true basketball fans have a favorite team. Sure there are some that just like basketball, period, but most follow a particular team and love to show their team spirit!

The National Basketball Association (NBA) publishes a lot of pro basketball information on their website such as news, stats, standings and team schedules. Looking over the information at the NBA website will give you some good ideas for Christmas gifts for basketball fans.

Though a lot of the information about the NBA teams is free for the browsing there are sports magazines geared to delivering information on the NBA, news on the games and profiles on the players. Subscriptions to such publications are wonderful Christmas gifts for basketball fans.

Of course, team memorabilia items are appreciated Christmas gifts for basketball fans. T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, beverage coolers, license plates, and bumper stickers are just a few ideas for Christmas gifts.

For the children, you can usually find full-size or miniature basketballs with team logos on them and of course team uniforms for kids are really cute and make nice Christmas gifts. Backpacks and duffle bags are also nice Christmas gifts for basketball fans.

Basketball goals for practicing shooting the basketball are great fun too. You can mini baskets that mount on a door with foam basketballs for indoors and even short goals for small children to develop their skill in shooting baskets. For really little ones, they usually like the baskets that mount to the side of the tub using suction cups and they are great bath-time fun.

Did you know? The NBA was formerly known as the Basketball Association of America. It was originally formed in 1946.

Sometimes professional games or playoffs are on pay-per-view television, so prepayments for games on pay-per-view are thoughtful Christmas gifts for basketball fans. Season tickets or tickets to the playoffs are exceptional Christmas gifts for basketball fans!

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