Christmas Gifts for Bankers

5 unique Christmas gifts for bankers


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Christmas gifts for bankers can be career related or relevant to other interests. Nifty Nicky always takes small Christmas gifts for bankers to her local bank.

Nifty Nicky's ideas for Christmas gifts for bankers...


1. Christmas cookies and candy

Recognizing that there are several different people at the bank that take care of my accounts and banking matters, I always take a nice snack tray filled with homemade Christmas cookies and candy along with a nice Christmas card to the bank to be put in the employee break room. All of the bankers really appreciate the home-made snacks and similar Christmas gifts for bankers.

2. Executive desk sets

For my favorite bankers, I have gotten executive desk sets as Christmas gifts for bankers before. Sets that have pens, pencils and pencil holders, business card holders and clocks are calendars are good desk sets and very useful Christmas gifts for bankers in every department.

3. Subscriptions to banking, business or economic publications

My family members who are in banking always appreciate subscriptions to financial magazines on banking, business or economic topics. They like to stay up-to-date on industry news.

The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and American Banker are good, useful publications. The ABA Banking Journal and Banking Strategies Magazine are also great publications that make good Christmas gifts for bankers.

4. History Books

It is always interesting to read historical facts about business and banking, so history books that cover the history of banking, the history of the federal reserve or the development of monetary policy are good Christmas gifts for bankers.

Did you know? The Federal Reserve Bank is the central bank in the United States and is charged with the responsibility for overseeing monetary policy, distributing currency for the nation, and supervising banks throughout the country.

5. Golf Gear

To say all bankers golf would be stereotyping, but for sure, a lot of bankers play golf. In fact, a game of golf in recreational time is often on the agenda for big banking seminars and conferences. So, golf gear or gift certificates to a golf pro shop can be useful Christmas gifts for bankers.

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