Christmas Gifts for Accountants Made Easy

A simple guide to buying Christmas gifts for accountants


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Career related Christmas gifts are always a good idea, but if you can't come up with great Christmas gifts for accountants, then you should think about their other interests, outside their careers, to determine what Christmas gifts accountants might like. Of course, that doesn't mean you should get them a boring old coffee mug! Here are some great Christmas gifts for accountants on your shopping list.


Creative gifts for accountants

1. The Accountant's Guide to the Universe: Heaven and Hell by the Numbers Who says accounting has to be boring? In Craig Hovey's novel, outsourcing takes on new meaning when heaven and hell both decide they need some outside help. Equal parts satire, comedy, and morality tale, this is a fantastic book that anyone can enjoy, but accountants will find particularly amusing. 2. 1040 Tax Form Paperweight Presumably your favorite accountant just can't get enough tax forms -- so why not give them one to keep in sight? Actually, this paperweight is a whimsical and clever gift. It does indeed contain a replica tax form, but if you want to spend extra cash, you can personalize it to make the gift a little softer (for example, by adding a koala bear... since we all know koalas and taxes go hand in hand!). 3. Real Money Tree My best friend's dad was an accountant, and he always loved the old adage 'Money doesn't grow on trees.' Now that she's all grown up, she bought him this money tree for Christmas: a perfect way to get a laugh from someone who's usually on the serious side. It's a fake plant with an honest to goodness dollar bill 'growing' out of it: great Christmas gifts for accountants and anyone else who worries about money. 4. Mini Rectangle Silver Desk Clock This is a nice gift: classy without being overly expensive and useful without being dull. It's a very simple, shiny desk clock. Not only will your favorite accountant have a constant reminder of your appreciation on their desk, they'll always know when it's time to go home, and that's worth its weight in gold... er, silver. 5. CPA Accountant Teddy Bear Card Holder This super cute teddy bear holds business cards and proudly proclaims the accountant's profession and name for all who can bear it (sorry, couldn't resist!). You can personalize it for that extra special touch and know you'll be giving a fantastically whimsical gift. Thanks to the many creative people online, there are tons of great gifts for accountants. These five ideas are a lot of fun and should get you started buying unique and fun Christmas gifts for accountants!
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