Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Super Christmas gift ideas for toddlers


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Christmas gift ideas for toddlers aren't too hard to come by. Toddlers love getting into things and they'll just love ripping the paper off and playing with the box. Even so, it's probably good to come up with Christmas gift ideas for toddlers... rather than just giving them empty boxes!

Nifty Nicky's Christmas gift ideas for toddlers...


There are many Christmas gifts toddlers will love. Santa and his elves work hard all year coming up with Christmas gift ideas for toddlers since they so love Christmas... and Santa of course!

Christmas shoes are always cute Christmas gifts for toddlers. Many toddlers have a fascination with their feet and they are sure to feel special in a nice, new pair of Christmas shoes.

Toddlers are in early stages of developing language skills, they respond well to rhythm, and many toddlers love to sing children's songs. So, for great Christmas gift ideas for toddlers, check out children's music or musical toys.

Around 15 to 18 months of age, a toddler can scribble, which is great exercise for developing fine motor skills. So coloring books, crayons and chalkboards are good Christmas gift ideas for toddlers in this age group.

Developmental toys of any kind make wonderful Christmas gifts for toddlers. The earlier they can get started learning, the better off they will be. Creative play and playing with toys that build language skills and motor skills are awesome jump starts for developing a love for learning.

Older toddlers can usually throw things and they think that's a lot of fun. It's a good time to teach them what should be thrown -- and sometimes what shouldn't be. So, Christmas gifts for toddlers who like to throw things may include things like soft footballs or a toddler-sized basketball goal with a ball.

Did you know? By the time toddlers are 24 months old, they can usually say three word sentences.

Toddlers learn to match shapes quite easily and when they first get it right, they will be thrilled to play with toys that involve putting certain shapes in the hole that matches the shape. So, developmental toys that deal with shapes are great Christmas gift ideas for toddlers.

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