Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers

10 Christmas gift ideas for Teachers who are special


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Students are not the only ones who have to come up with Christmas gift ideas for Teachers. Family members of teachers can find it rather hard when making a Christmas gift ideas list for them as well.

Nifty Nicky has fabulous Christmas gift ideas for teachers...


Teachers are usually not allowed to accept expensive gifts from their students. Students should try not to include expensive things when buying Christmas gifts, try for something with more emotional value instead of material value when coming up with Christmas gift ideas for Teachers.

Here are a few Christmas gift ideas that students can use:

1. A plant for teacher's desk

2. Handmade craft items or Christmas decorations

3. A gift basket filled with small teacher supplies

4. A tin of Christmas cookies

5. A box of Christmas candy

If you need Christmas gift ideas for teachers in your family or friends who are teachers, you aren't restricted as to how extravagant or expensive the gifts can be. So, you can choose either expensive or inexpensive Christmas gifts for teachers on your list. Here are some great ideas:

6. Inspirational books

Teaching is a tough job and teachers can use all the inspiration they can get at the end of a hectic day! Books like the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series have specific titles just for teachers filled with inspirational stories they can relate to. Many are even humorous. Books like these are fabulous christmas gift ideas for teachers.

7. Gift certificates to teacher supply stores

Gift certificates are always exceptional Christmas gift ideas for teachers, especially gifts certificates to teacher supply stores. You can probably find teacher supply stores locally, but if not, there are many online and most offer gift certificates.

Did you know? School budgets are usually very tight and restrictive. While some supplies provided by the school are available, teachers often spend their own money to buy lesson supplements and student rewards. Nifty Nicky says Christmas gift ideas for teachers that decrease their expenses for teaching supplements are remarkable ideas.

8. Clothing

Teachers who teach very young children often wear clothing that has characters on it. Winnie-the-Pooh and Disney characters are favorites. One piece dresses adorned with such characters or Disney jewelry is great Christmas gifts for teachers in the early childhood grades.

9. Spas

If you've ever followed in the footsteps of a teacher, you will understand how hectic and stressful some days can be. There's nothing better than relaxing in a nice hot bath after spending the day in a classroom, except of course transforming the bath into a spa. There are portable whirlpool/spas that can attach to a regular bathtub. If you're game for expensive Christmas gift ideas for teachers, a jet tub or a full-blown whirlpool or spa tub are great ideas.

10. Magazine subscriptions

There are a number of wonderful magazines for teachers that give them ideas for their lesson plans, offer inspirational stories from other teachers, and provide information on professional development. Magazine subscriptions to magazines geared to the teaching profession are wonderful Christmas gift ideas for teachers.

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