Christmas Gift Ideas for Husbands

5 special Christmas gift ideas for husbands


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Christmas gift ideas for husbands are challenging for most wives. Of course some have no problem figuring out great Christmas gift ideas for husbands, but others really struggle with it. Nifty Nicky has thought long and hard about special Christmas gift ideas for husbands.

Nifty Nicky's best Christmas gift ideas for husbands...


Christmas gifts that husbands appreciate vs. Christmas gift ideas for husbands that the wives think are great... vary quite a bit!

For instance, a wife may think that a new weed eater and a lawn mower are fabulous Christmas gifts for husbands, but the husbands may see that as lots of work or a huge hint that they are spending too much time on the couch.

If wives want really thoughtful and special Christmas gift ideas for husbands, they should think about what their husbands like to do in their free, leisure time.

Here are some super special Christmas gift ideas husbands will really like!

-Season tickets to their favorite sporting events make wonderful Christmas gifts for husbands.

-Prepaid, all-inclusive hunting or fishing trips are nice Christmas gifts for husbands. These are even better if they are a package deal, maybe split between two wives, for their husbands to go on the trip together.

Factoid: Stress related illnesses are among the top causes for health decline in men of all ages. Recreational activities are doctor recommended remedies for excessive stress so Nifty Nicky recommends that wives encourage their husbands to lighten up and engage in frequent recreational activities.

-Gift certificates to a sports shop, boat shop or other sporting goods shops are excellent Christmas gifts for husbands.

-For men who love to cook, cooking or barbeque supplies and utensils are nice Christmas gifts for husbands.

-Men can use a massage from time to time just like women can. Having a professional massage periodically is an effective way to renew and refresh. A gift certificate for a year's worth of massages is a really wonderful Christmas gift idea husbands will appreciate. It never hurts to spoil them a little.

The trick really is to think about what men do for fun, not what they do that's work, if you want really special Christmas gift ideas for husbands.

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