Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls of All Ages

Superb Christmas gift ideas for girls from five to twenty!


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Finding Christmas gift ideas for girls varies in difficulty. Often it's really all about knowing the girl in question. Is she a tomboy? Does she love fashion design? Is she dying for the latest video game? Whatever the answer, it will give you a good idea about what to buy -- or at least where to shop. When it gets hard is when you need Christmas gift ideas for girls you don't know as well: nieces, family friends, and the like -- girls you know well enough to want to give them something special, but not well enough to know their every hobby and desire. A good place to start is by talking to the parents, or the girl herself, and finding out what hobbies she has. From there, shopping for girls is a snap.


For very young girls

Most very young girls enjoy toys that let them mimic their parents, especially their moms. Suggestions might include dollhouses, dress up clothes, fake makeup, or items based on their parents' employment (doctors' kits, carpentry sets, etc.). Anything heavy on the "let's pretend" factor is a sure hit. Kids at this age have tons of imagination -- they might like the box better than the present. For school age children From the ages of 7-11, Christmas gift ideas for girls take a sudden turn (note that for some girls that can happen even earlier). Their vivid imaginations stops being as active and girls start to become fans of more structured things to do. Suggestions for gifts at this age group include: -interactive versions of Let's Pretend (such as fashion designer and vet video games) -board games -popular books (ask at the bookstore what most kids are reading) -any type of craft activity: girls this age love to learn new crafty things and will embrace anything from knitting to beadwork For adolescents The tumultuous years from 12 to the early teens are difficult for girls, many of whom have outgrown their earlier interests but aren't old enough to participate in 'real' teen activities. At this age, girls are all about growing up, and even if you think they should stay kids a while longer, they disagree. Good Christmas gift ideas for girls in this age group include: -makeup in light shades -popular teen novels (double check with parents and make sure they're appropriate first) -jewellery, especially real jewellery (for instance, an actual gold necklace) Many girls in this age group will still enjoy some of the suggestions for school age children as well. For teens Teen girls are striving to be independent and can be extremely hard to shop for. If all else fails, gift cards are an excellent option for this group. Better yet, a pre-paid credit card like American Express is even more exciting. It lets them feel independent and grown-up while making their own decisions about where to shop and what to buy. Christmas gift ideas for girls this age tend to vary from person to person. One girl loves animals, another loves to read, another spends all her free time doing artwork. Learn her hobbies and buy gifts accordingly. Alternatively, jewellery, gift cards, and electronics will always be a hit. It's fun and easy: Christmas gift ideas for girls of any age!
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