Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs

Nifty Christmas gift ideas for dogs and the people who love them


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Do you need Christmas gift ideas for dogs? Believe it or not, many pet lovers see Christmas ideas for dogs to be a necessity. Nifty Nicky, being a canine lover and all, has wonderful Christmas gift ideas for dogs and the people who love them.

Nicky's Nifty Christmas gifts ideas for dogs...


...give a dog a bone... Of course bones and rawhide chew sticks are wonderful Christmas gifts for dogs, but really, there are many more fabulous Christmas gift ideas dogs love.

Have you seen those brass-looking dog beds? Now, those are Christmas gifts for dogs that are fit for a king, wouldn't you say?

Christmas gifts for dogs that like to tear things up might include things like squeaky toys. You can put the squeaky toys in a sock and tie the end and they'll just love to fetch it, shake it and play tug of war with the youngsters (or the young at heart).

Dogs are amazing little critters. You know, it's funny how they stake claim to things. It's like they know when something is theirs. I've found that personal blankets or pillows make great Christmas gifts ideas for dogs. My pug just loves his and you better believe he knows who it belongs to. He throws a fit if anyone sits on his blanket.

You may not be one to think that Christmas gift ideas for dogs are a necessity, but surely you've got some dog lovers on your Christmas gift list. For them, you may consider books about their favorite dog breed, statues or figurines that look their dog, or if their pup is ill-mannered, a gift certificate for a dog's obedience school. There are also books and e-books on dog training; those are really useful Christmas gifts for dog owners.

Gift certificates to pet groomers are also wonderful Christmas gifts for dog lovers.

Fun Fact: Dogs can be great companions and can be trained to do many different things including pulling sleds, herding cattle, delivering messages, or finding lost people. Law enforcement trains dogs for search and rescue and to sniff out drugs.

No matter what anyone thinks about it, my dog has his very own Christmas stocking hanging over the fireplace. Nifty Nicky says Christmas gifts for dogs are essential for happy holidays!

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