Christmas Gift Ideas for Carpenters

Do you need help with Christmas gift ideas for carpenters?


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Your list of Christmas gift ideas for carpenters may include things they can use in their profession or things that go along with their other interests. Chances are, if carpenters work with a construction crew, they've got most everything they need to do the job but it is good to know that most carpenters have to provide their own hand tools and things like that wear out and sometimes get stolen on site, so that can give you some good Christmas gift ideas for carpenters.

Nifty Nicky's Christmas gift ideas for carpenters...


There are professional carpenters, sometimes called construction workers or builders, and then there are those whose hobby is carpentry. Carpenters by professional may build houses and other structures or things like cabinetry. Hobbyists usually build things like wooden furniture, wall décor and similar items. At any rate, they use many of the same tools.

You can get good Christmas gift ideas for carpenters by visiting a lumberyard, a hardware shop, or a home maintenance store like Home Depot. Places like Sears have departments filled with top quality tools, tool boxes and the works. You can also browse online for home improvement products and carpentry tools to get Christmas gift ideas for carpenters.

Tool belts and locking tool boxes are generally suitable Christmas gift ideas for carpenters. For those who are hobbyists, they may be interested in books that have patterns for various types of wood work and furniture. Such books can usually be found in craft stores or sometimes at lumberyards.

Fun Fact: Harrison Ford worked as a professional carpenter to support his family while getting his acting career off the ground.

The very basic tools for people starting out in carpentry include a good claw hammer, a set of screwdrivers, a square, a handsaw (circular saws are nice too), a measuring tape, a level, adjustable plies, a putty knife and adjustable wrenches. These are the basic tools needed for carpentry work and are great Christmas gifts for carpenters.

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