An Easy Guide to Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys

These Fun Christmas gift ideas for boys are a guaranteed success


Sunday, February 17, 2019

With a little thought it's easy to come up with great Christmas gift ideas for boys. Christmas gifts for boys don't need to be quite as broad as they are for girls because boys tend to like the same things from age to age, although their tastes may change a bit. Generally, though, you'll find that less creativity can, surprisingly enough, be better. The latest book, toy, or game will almost always make a happy boy.


Nifty Nicky's Christmas gift ideas for boys...

Your list of simple and fun gifts for boys! 1. Hunting Gear Boys are fascinated with hunting, and if they sometimes go on hunting trips with parents or family friends, they will be extremely excited about having their own hunting gear. If you come from a hunting family -- or if you'd like to give it a try -- hunting or fishing gear makes for a fantastic gift. 2. Tools We usually think of tools for men, not boys, but even very young boys like to hang out with their parents and mess around with tools. Very young children will enjoy toy tools, older boys will enjoy quality items like hammers and screwdrivers, and -- if you trust them -- teens can learn to safely use power tools to hone their abilities. 3. Video games The best video games change every month, so unless you're an avid gamer yourself, it's really not worth trying to guess what sort of game will appeal to kids. The best thing to do is find out what games your boys play regularly and then go to a game store and show them the list. The clerks will be able to suggest new games that match with the games' style and interest level. 4. The latest hot book You might not think of books when you think of Christmas gift ideas for boys, but books can be a surprisingly hot item. A few years ago, the new Harry Potter would have been the it book to read. Lately, it's been books like The Hunger Games and the Bone series, or Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Find out from the bookstore what books all the boys are reading and invest in those. 5. Hobby or sports equipment Boys and men are the same: if they love something, they can't get enough of it. Does your son need five hockey sticks? Of course not. And your husband doesn't need his giant train set from when he was nine, but he still has it -- or something like it. If the boys you're shopping for have a favorite sport or hobby, they'll love supplies to help them keep at it. Any of these ideas will make fantastic Christmas gift ideas for boys!
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