Fun and Unique Christmas Gifts for Bosses

Check out these oh-so-original gifts for bosses


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Ask any boss: Christmas gifts for bosses are pretty routine. They get a lot of gift certificates, a lot of golf balls and silly plaques, a lot of coffee mugs. Don't you want your gifts for your boss to stand out from the crowd? Even if you're not in a competition, it's always nice to get your boss something that shows you appreciate him or her, whether it's solely from you or a group gift.

Incidentally, group gifts are a wonderful idea for Christmas gifts for boss types -- they relieve everyone of a lot of pressure and let you combine your money to get the best possible present.


Gift ideas for your boss

Here are some of the top gifts for your boss this holiday season. You can give a nice gift all together, or go with a selection of smaller more humorous items.

Larger gifts:

1. Stainless steel wallet

This is a really interesting item: a wallet woven from stainless steel strands, making for a virtually indestructible, very classy conversation piece. And the idea of a stainless steel billfold isn't as crazy as it sounds -- the wallet is still as slim and compact as its leather counterparts and fits very nicely into a pocket.

2. Signed Boss Caricature

Send in a photo of your boss and get back a funny framed photo, matted with a place for the entire office to sign -- if that's how you want to do things. The art is extremely high quality and looks fantastic, well worth the price -- your boss won't believe her eyes.

3. Marble Desk Organizer

Classy items make great gifts for bosses, and this marble desk organizer is no exception. It boasts an inspirational quotation (there is no challenge too great for those who have the heart and will to make it happen), and it's a great way to express your gratitude for all your boss' hard work.

Smaller Gifts

1. Deal With This stamp

Let your boss assign jobs quickly and easily and with his own degree of urgency. With this stamp, he can communicate his frustration, gratitude, or desperation.

2. Desktop Drink Warmer or Cooler

This brilliant little boss gift connects to the computer via a USB cord and either heats or cools her drink to the perfect temperature. No more cold coffee or warm soda -- every drink the perfect temperature. You might want to pick one up for yourself, too!

3. Walking Robot Pencil Sharpener

Who doesn't want a robot to walk across the desk while sharpening your pencil? It's obvious that any boss will love this little toy!

Whether you go with one big item or a collection of gag type (but still useful) gifts, any of these items make wonderful gifts for bosses.

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