Christmas Gift Ideas for Best Friends

Show how much you really care with splendid Christmas gift ideas for best friends


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Coming up with Christmas gift ideas for best friends is probably the easiest item on your Christmas to-do list. Best friends usually have a lot in common, so Christmas gifts for your best friend can be as simple as something you would like to have yourself. If you want something really special and heartfelt, getting just that perfect Christmas gift for your best friend can be a little tougher.

Nifty Nicky's Christmas gift ideas for best friends...


Nicky's friends think she has the best Christmas gift ideas in the world. They all come to her for advice about shopping. Some Christmas gift ideas that Nicky has come up with over the years include:

- Best friend necklaces of course! These are the necklaces that have a 'best friends' saying on a pendant that's cut in half so each 'friend' wears one half of it. These are wonderful Christmas gifts!

- Best friend t-shirts are great Christmas gifts too. The t-shirt specialty shops found in many malls will even put your names on the t-shirts.

- Reservations for a weekend trip where friends can get away together and have a blast are excellent Christmas gifts. Trips to a ski resort, a cabin where you can explore nature, or a hot spot like Las Vegas are a few suggestions. Have you ever picked wild berries in the mountains? It's a blast!

- Scrapbooks filled with memories, good times, bad times, and even embarrassing moments, are very thoughtful Christmas gifts for best friends.

- A membership to a health club or a day spa is a luxurious Christmas gifts for your best friends. What better way to treat them during the holidays then to give them some rest and relaxation from their hectic lives?

Did you know? In adulthood most people lose contact with their very best friends from their school days. Nicky says you should do your best to stay close to best friends forever and spend lots of quality time together.

- Self-help or self-improvement books make for some thoughtful Christmas gifts your best friends. Though these are usually appreciated when coming from a friend you know and trust with your woes, coming from anyone else, they might be insulting!

- Personalized gifts with your names on them, like maybe a drawing of the two of you, or photographs in a best friends photo frame are excellent Christmas gifts for best friends.

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