Need Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies?

5 fabulous Christmas gift ideas for babies first Christmas


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Christmas gift ideas for babies are plentiful if you ask Nifty Nicky! Nicky can't believe that so many people have trouble coming up with Christmas gift ideas for babies. The perfect Christmas gift for Baby's first Christmas is a really hot topic!

Here are five fabulous Christmas gift ideas for babies' first Christmas, straight from Nifty Nicky


1. Safety first. Nicky always says, in regard to Christmas gift ideas for babies. Most items for babies, especially toys, are marked to say what ages they are appropriate for. When buying toys, or anything for that matter, make sure they are age appropriate.

2. Developmental toys are great Christmas gifts. Developmental toys are fun for babies and toddlers because they really are toys, but they are toys with a purpose because they help babies to develop various muscle groups and basic skills. Truly, there are no Christmas gifts for babies that are any better than developmental toys.

3. Baby's first Christmas is a big event in any family, especially if the baby is close to a year old and is at the point of being fascinated by Christmas. Because it is such a huge part of their childhood memories, nice Christmas clothing or even holiday adorned baby pajamas are excellent Christmas gifts for babies. Beautiful clothing will make sure your Baby looks great in all the photos that will be taken on and around the holiday.

Fun Fact: Between the ages of 9 to 12 months old, babies love to build and stack things, so developmental building or stacking toys for that age group are awesome Christmas gifts. From one year to 15 months, most babies can follow simple, spoken instructions.

4. Christmas photo albums are also great Christmas gifts for babies. After all, the baby won't likely remember his or her first Christmas so they will treasure a collection of their first Christmas photos as they grow older.

Great Resource: Please click here to check out our favorite resource for lots of other great ideas for baby gifts for Christmas.

You can also read additional tips on buying baby toys for baby's first Christmas by clicking on this link.

5. Stylish baby shoes for beginning walkers are good Christmas gifts for baby's first Christmas. Babies usually start walking (and become toddlers) either shortly before or shortly after their first Christmas.

We all know how fast babies grow! They are sure to outgrow many pairs of shoes and of course, it's tons of fun for mom and dad to dress baby in shoes that coordinate with the baby's clothes. Thus, walking shoes are really good Christmas gifts for babies.

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