Christmas Gifts for Parents -- Creative Ideas That Are Sure to Please

Stuck for ideas for Christmas gifts for parents? Try some of these...


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Whether you're young and still live at home or older and out on your own, choosing Christmas gifts for parents can be a challenge. Don’t let struggling over what to buy your parents put a damper on your Christmas holiday spirit. Browse through some of these lists and get some great Christmas gift ideas for parents.


Kids Christmas Gifts for Parents

Coupon Books -- This is always an easy gift to make, doesn’t cost any money, and is sure to please parents. All it takes is a little bit of time, creativity, and your time when the coupons are "cashed" in.

If you are not familiar with a coupon book, let me explain. This is a small book kids can make out of any type of construction paper or printed from the computer. The coupons will be "gifts" of time for chores and activities performed for the parents. Here are some ideas for the coupons:

One smooch on the cheek
One hug
One walk
One bike ride
One night of kitchen clean up
One bathroom cleaning
One vacuuming
One furniture dusting
One car washing
One dog walk
One night of free babysitting

You get the idea. Think of gifts of chores that the parents would like to have -- something that will give a tired parent a break.

Homemade Christmas Gifts for Parents

Arrange to have a family picture made and have it framed. The picture doesn’t have to be an expensive studio portrait, it can be a casual picture made when the whole family is together.

Give your parents a "signature" platter. Found in craft stores, these platters are quite pretty. Choose your style of platter, have all the children sign it and give it to your parents.

If you are crafty, whether you're young or older, your parents would love to have something you’ve made. Paintings, ceramics, knitting, crocheting, drawings, and woodworking -- any of these will put a smile on your parent's faces.

Romantic Christmas Gifts for Parents

If you are older with a job, you can save up and give your parents a romantic gift. This gift could range from a dinner out in their favorite restaurant to a weekend getaway. If you are younger and can't come up with the money for these suggestions, you can do the same thing for your parents at home.

Give them a "date night" at home. Cook or have dinner delivered for them. Set the table with the nicest dishes, some flowers, and a few candles. Rent a movie for them to watch together and arrange (with permission) to spend the night at a friend's house.

With a little creativity and imagination, it isn’t that difficult to come up with Christmas gifts for parents. After all, they probably will be happy with anything you give them.

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