The Best Christmas Gifts for Married Couples

Find the perfect gifts for married couples this Christmas


Sunday, February 17, 2019

I used to hate buying gifts for married couples. Usually, you're closer to one person than the other, but you feel funny not buying for both, and you might not know one partner well enough to predict what they'd enjoy. So you head out and buy some sort of nondescript box of chocolates, and they say thanks and regift them to a couple they don't know that well, either.

What a mess! Fortunately, there are many great Christmas gift ideas for couples that fit just about any type of person, are inexpensive, and will actually find a home with the recipients.


1. Dinner of the Month Club

Send a new dinner gift card every month -- it's like giving them a monthly date! For a reasonably low price, you can exploit one of the classic Christmas gifts for couples: the dinner date. There are many restaurants to choose from, so you won't get stuck with cards for restaurants that aren't anywhere near you, either.

2. Quirky Tea and Sugar Set

You might not immediately think of a tea set as a couples gift, but in this case, it fits the bill! This fun tea and sugar set comes in bright colors with a funky design, and it's a great conversation piece for any couple. Even if they're not big tea drinkers, they'll probably appreciate this set.

3. Paranoid Parents Self Esteem Kit

If you want gift ideas for couples with children, this kit is a lighthearted way to help them reward their kids. Most parents want to reward their kids without giving them chunks of food or money, and this kit contains all sorts of unique items that make fantastic and inspirational rewards for children of all ages.

4. Photo-opoly Board Games

Everyone loves Monopoly, and everyone has family or couple photos kicking around that they don't want to throw away but haven't looked at in years. Why not transform those memories into a personalized board game? There's catopoly, dinopoly, Star Wars-opoly -- why not individualized opoly as well?

5. Microwave S'more Maker

Who doesn't love S'mores? Of course, at Christmas, most of us won't be outside making them. Fortunately you can help couples evoke happy camping memories with this microwave S'more maker, guaranteed to heat everything evenly and create the perfect treat. Perfect Christmas gift ideas for couples!

6. Classic Literary Films

For the couple with class! Give them the Christmas gift of this DVD collection of classic films and let them enjoy expanding their literary horizons together. Perfect for the well educated couple who's always wanted to be on the set of Pride & Prejudice.

Whether they're outdoor campers or literary professors, there's a gift for everyone on this list. Enjoy shopping these gifts for married couples!

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