Christmas Gifts for Kids Who Love to Draw

Christmas gifts for kids -- Let them draw their hearts out


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Searching for the perfect Christmas gifts for kids can be a challenge. Too many times when asked what they want, kids give the standard answer which involves some type of electronic gadget. If the child in your life likes to draw, and you would like to give a gift that the child loves, but also something unique, check out some of these Christmas gift ideas for kids.


Christmas Gifts for Kids who Draw

Before you decide what type of drawing materials to supply your little artist with, you need to take into consideration the age and skill of the child.

Young Children

Most young children love to color, paint, and draw so give them the supplies they need. But... and this probably goes without saying... choose products that are washable. There is an amazing list of products for very young children now that are completely washable. These products even wash out of clothes, furniture, carpet, and off walls. Some products by Crayola will only show up when used on their special paper. This can really be a carpet and furniture saver.

Also, look for markers that are not permanent and no-drip washable paints. Choose large, easy to hold markers and crayons made especially for little hands. Don’t forget the paper. Give them plenty of blank tablets as well as coloring books with their favorite characters. At this age, these will not only be gifts the children will love but can also be cheap Christmas gifts for kids.

Older Children

As children get a little older and express an interest in drawing, consider giving them a gift certificate for art lessons. If they are already involved in lessons, check with their teacher and fill their list of supplies for class. These supplies can include:

Artist pencils
Brush holders
Artist desk
Art instruction and technique books
Art instruction videos

What supplies has the child been dreaming of getting but hasn’t been able to afford? See if you can fit something of this nature into your budget and really wow your budding artist.

Some of the best Christmas gifts for kids are those you think of by straying off the beaten path. These Christmas gifts for kids will be unique. With a little thought, you can come up with some ideas that even the kids haven't thought of but will be thrilled to receive.

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