Christmas Gifts for Daughters -- Give Her Her Hearts Desire

You can't go wrong with these Christmas gifts for daughters


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Choosing Christmas gifts for daughters can sometimes be overwhelming. It's not that they're difficult to buy for; it's the fact there is such a wide selection. If you’ve gotten lost in the sea of gift ideas for daughters, look through these ideas and find something she'll be wild about.



From play to real, your daughter will get excited over jewelry. Costume jewelry is always a great idea for stocking stuffers for girls. Load her up with all the earrings, necklaces and bracelets she can handle. Once you’ve done this, get her something to keep it all organized like a jewelry box, necklace hanger, or earring holder.

For something more special, you may want to choose a piece of real jewelry that will have special meaning. Add-a-pearl necklaces are a great choice. With these necklaces, you first buy the gold chain and one pearl. Each year after, you add one pearl for Christmas or birthdays until your daughter is a young women and has a complete set of pearls. Your daughter will love this or a ring and earrings with a real gemstone.

Makeup and Spa Items

What is it about makeup, hair styling tools, hair accessories, manicure and pedicure items that girls love? I don’t know, but I love them too. Any of these ideas are gift ideas your daughter will thoroughly enjoy and the best part is, no matter how much she has, she will always love more.

The love of these items starts young. The very smallest girls will be happy with 'play' makeup and fingernail polishes. Any beauty salon set will thrill her. For the older daughter, you have plenty to choose from. Pick makeup kits have a zillion colors of eye shadow, blushes, and lip-gloss or get items like makeup mirrors, hair irons, or dryers.


Can girls ever have enough clothes? I don’t think so and I bet your daughter doesn’t think so either. This isn’t a popular gift for very young girls unless you have a fashionista prodigy, but any girl six and up will love new clothes.

The safest way to approach clothes is to plan a few shopping trips with your daughter. Don’t buy anything, but take note of what styles, colors, and trends she likes. Also, pay attention to what her BFF's are wearing. These will give you clues to what she will love.


Yes, girls love music too! For older daughters in the tween and teen age group, anything iPod or mp3 player will do. If they already have a player, think about accessories that go with it like skins, earphones or an I-Sing Mp3 Karaoke Player that can connect to their player. They will have a great time singing along.

For the musically talented girls, sheet music or items for her particular instrument are always ideal. Don’t forget apparel -- t-shirts and hoodies with their instrument, favorite artist or band are a hit.


Is your daughter crafty? If you have an older girl that is artistic or crafty, simply concentrate on her particular craft. Any artist, painter, scrap booker, knitter, or seamstress can use supplies and goodies for their craft. Think about what they would like to have but is out of their price range or something they wouldn't buy for themselves.

If your daughter isn’t crafty, maybe you can head her in that direction. Start out with simple crafts like scrapbooking, candle making, polymer clay, or jewelry making. There are huge amounts of kits out there you can buy to get her started in a new crafting project.

For the little bitty girls, there's no time like the present to get her in touch with her artistic side. Browse through your local craft store for ideas. Look for age-appropriate kits that she has shown some interest in. With this age group -- it's hard to pick something she won't like.

Regardless of whether you have one or several daughters, now you have a good start to finding Christmas gifts for daughters. Use these ideas and concentrate on what they like best.

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